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The formal and soft squared design of Bellagio sofa makes it suitable for any style of living. Bellagio sofa is available in different version: linear sofa, sectional sofa and dual-face sofa playing with additional stripes quilted poufs and other accessories. Bellagio sofa is also available in different kind of fabrics and leather.


Meroni & Colzani

Meroni & Colzani is a family company performing his business in Brianza for over 50 years producing furniture and sofas for living room, dining room, bedroom and outdoor.

MADE in ITALY is a key concept: all products and tailor-made projects designed by MC Meroni & Colzani are manufactured by 100% Italian craftsmen, who can shape and treat fine materials, like wood, marble, metal, leather and value fabrics, and can use latest technology to grant amazing processing. Luxury and contemprary design for home, residential and contract use.

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