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ATRIUM Keramik

The base of the attractive and practical Atrium Keramik Consolle consists of a finely worked plate of couture mirrored glass. The console creates a play of soft reflections, in which the surrounding objects and light sources reverberate. The glass is shaped with an unprecedented technique that gives the surface a three-dimensional effect like quilting on fabric. This modern console is available with a top of your choice from among numerous attractive ceramic tones with a marble effect. Atrium Keramik Console is part of the Atrium family of tables, which comes in numerous versions to meet the most varied aesthetic needs and optimally furnish a modern dining room. The table tops of the Atrium line range from wood to ceramics up to round tables in wood and ceramics combined. The numerous attractive versions available are: Atrium Keramik, Atrium Keramik Premium, Atrium Keramik Round, Atrium Keramik Premium Round, Atrium Ker-Wood Round, Atrium Wood and Atrium Wood Round.


Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia who share a passion for art and design. He is creative and entrepreneurial, while she, cultured and refined, organises ideas. It is the beginning of a great adventure, both human and professional...

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